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Today was a very long day, I had to get up earlier then normal today to get to the office so that we could ride to Dallas and get there by 11:30 for a meeting with a long time client of Metrotime.Shortly into the beginning of the meeting my cell phone rang, this is actually the first time this has ever happened to me during a business meeting. I was going to ignore it but the client said he needed an excuse to step out of the room for a minute anyway, so I took the call. It was “Mr. E,” the head of the audio/visual team at my church.

He called to ask me if I could be at the church at 6 p.m. tonight to help run powerpoint for the “Team Build” meeting that was going to take place this evening and if I could run the sound board on Saturday for a seminar that was going to take place that he would be unable to run sound for, I said sure on both counts. Momentarily after hanging up the client returned and described the tasks that he needed me to do for him, we left the office and Dallas and took 3 other stops on the way back to Fort Worth, 2 quick office stops and a lunch stop at Taco Bell (yumm, cheesy gordita crunch), before heading back to the office, then I did some work on some cd duplications and some editing of the Metrotime website. I left just after 5 so that I could stop at the bank and get some cash on the way to the church, I arrived at 5:52 exactly and worked the event till 8:30 when I came home.

So that’s pretty much my life today, oh btw, I’m having a blast with my new laptop, it doesn’t run anywhere near as hot as most of the laptops I’ve used in the past, and the battery life is amazing, I was using it at the church for over an hour with the wireless card enabled not plugged in and when I was about to shut it down the battery gage read 5 hours 3 minutes of battery remaining, amazing. Well, gnight for tonight, TTFN!

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And this is my first blog entry typed on my brand new laptop computer, I’ve been waiting for my own laptop for a long time and now I finally have one. As society gets faster and faster, mobility is a necessity in the computing world. Now that I have a laptop I can blog on the go, I may have to start frequenting coffee shops πŸ™‚ or perhaps not.Anyway today was a highly productive day, I fixed most of a freeside installation, made some modifications to allow for more dynamic formatting of the invoices, repaired a computer, repaired an sql installation, and after I came home I started personalizing the new laptop that arrived fedex while I was at work and installing the programs I’ll need to do my job effectively.

Not that much more going on and I have to get up early in the morning because I will have to take a trip out to Dallas to visit a client so I’ll end this log entry for now, talk to ya’ll again soon.

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oh look 5 a.m., I had washed my sheets last night and then I forgot to put them in the dryer so at 3:30 when I realized I wanted to go to bed, I didn’t have any sheets, so I put them in the dryer and then chatted online for a while and then wrote another chapter of my fanfic (Miles Apart), I had meant this chapter 12 to be my last, but I was writing and it ended up longer then any of my prefious chapters and I wasn’t ready to end yet, so I ended it at a logical place and will write a chapter 13, not sure if that will wrap it up either, but it might.

Anyway it’s been a week since I last posted, I’ve had a crummy workweek, a really crummy one.

Monday I went in and my boss was being a complete **** about the webhosting server, first we’re condensing 2 servers to 1 even though he said he’d get the 2nd and did not, then he comes up with this “I want you to turn off the spam and virus filters because I don’t like it that one of my messages got caught by mistake and you had access to get it back” and I was like “would you rather the message gotten lost forever?” but is all up on some privacy kick so I removed the virus and spam filters, but because of the way they were set up it was all or nothing, I couldn’t just remove it from his account, I had to remove it from ALL accounts so now I get a rediculous amount of spam. Then he’s also had this box he’s wanted me to work on that I always had a hunch was going to be a lot of work for no pay and he had wanted me to just get paid from what he charges the client, I ended up working on that box ALL WEEK LONG and still to no avail, the box is still not ready, it’s driving me nuts!

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::in best news voice:: And this is Nick Moline with the weekend report ::end news voice::

Yesterday was interesting, mom threw a Jewlery party at the house so I sought the first excuse I could to get out of there, and that excuse ended up being helping my dad (who was also trying to escape the women buying jewlery) pick out my little brother’s birthday present (his birthday is this coming Friday), on the off chance that he reads this or that one of his friends reads this and passes it on to him, I won’t say anything further about gift shopping.

So I took a seperate car then my dad so we took a slightly longer then normal time shopping for the gift then Dad went back to the party and I snuck off to the movies. On the risk of embarassing myself I will tell you what movie I went and saw, Freaky Friday. Newsflash all, it’s good, no really it is!

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Well today I had to send back the company laptop to North Carolina, over $70 it cost to ship that thing, yowza!

So now I have no computer of my own to use anymore, someone online suggested I check out rent-a-center so I’ve submitted an info request to them, my Dad said I should check out Dell’s financing options on getting a laptop so I’ve done some looking there as well, so hopefully I will have a laptop again soon so that I can continue to work.

Worked on trying to get the billing system working on the new server today, had a few snags but I should be able to iron them out quickly enough, just not right now, right now I’m going home, I’m tired and I haven’t eaten anything ALL DAY!

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On the highly unlikely chance that someone is actually reading my blog…. you may have wondered if I dropped off the face of the earth or something, no I did not, in actuality I moved back in with my family in TX, got settled in, and then… took a vacation! Actually my 21st birthday was this past Sunday and my mom and I have been planning to visit Vegas for my 21st birthday for the past 2 years.

I should have known I wouldn’t have any luck whatsoever when we got to the first hotel room on Friday night (we stayed at a different location each night as we were bargain bouncing). The first night we stayed at the most shabby of the 3 locations, Motel 6. After a rediculous amount of difficulty finding our room, we found out that our key did not work, so we found our way back to the lobby where they told us that they sent us to the wrong room, so another room hunt later and we had found the new room, well I was carrying my bags upstairs and I was wearing new dress shoes (a requirement for the type of tickets we fly on) that I wasn’t used to wearing yet, well the walkway on the 2nd floor was uneven and I quickly found myself tripping over my feet and then sprawled out in pain with a badly twisted ancle. I should have known then that I wouldn’t have any luck all weekend πŸ˜›

Despite the fact that I was still in great pain, Saturday was very nice. We started out by having brunch at the MGM Grand, and while the brunch was overpriced and bland, it wasn’t bad, afterwards we took a look at the Lion habitat, mom was fascinated by the “big kitties” as she called them, well I wasn’t 21 yet so it would have been a state felony for me to loiter around while mom played the slots so instead we went and found the hotel that we would be staying in that night, the French Quarter Suites so that we could check in and unload our bags rather then carry them around the rest of the day. Unfortunately there had been some mix up in the reservation and the room did not have 2 beds like it was supposed to, so I had the joy of sleeping on a rollaway bed that night, but I am jumping ahead.