Plug-in Crazy

As most of you have probably figured out by now, i suck at graphical interfaces, and as part of that, I can’t create a good looking template, I compensate for my lack of creative juices by making my sites and blog do as much as humanly possible. Unlike my friends like JMac and Andy who actually have decent looking sites, mine is ugly but does as much as possible. The latest plug-in I installed? A Plug-in to generate animated maps automatically, like this one, which shows a pan from my
home to mid Tennessee (A Trip I’ve done before that I’m just dying to duplicate as soon as possible). Plug-ins are
fun, I should look into writing a few of my own, rather then just modifying the ones made by others to tweak them the way I want them.

Road Warrior

Many of those of you who know me know and tease me about the fact that I hate driving. I don’t know why some people (e.g. JMac, who drives just for the sake of driving) love driving so much, it causes me physical pain. I really should get a car with cruise control or something so it doesn’t hurt so much, but after driving for a while my right heel hurts bad and generally I feel bad for being so cramped in the car, I just don’t like it. That said, Yesterday I got up early, after my shower got dressed as nicely as possible, and then drove down to Austin, TX to meet with the creators of the Metadot Portal Server. Continue reading “Road Warrior”

Cleaning Up and Clearing Out

This record is of the events of Thursday, February 26th. Shortly after I got up on Thursday I received a call from my father telling me he was planning on taking off from work early and that he was going to go with me over to Metrotime to be my witness so I can go and get my stuff out of the grips of Harold.

As I was getting ready I almost wore my WCW shirt because of what he had said in his reply to my letter: “Go back to WCW with my blessing.” I decided against it however and wore one of my normal pullover shirts. I did make sure and in the box of the few things I had of Metrotime’s, I placed the Metrotime shirt that he had given me at one point. This is not just a statement about how separate from Metrotime I am now, but quite frankly I didn’t want that in my closet, I only ever wore it when I went to work and not all the time then, it is an UGLY shirt with a very ugly color combination.
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Blog Surfing

One of the side effects of having a blog and having friends who have blogs, not to mention the whole being jobless thing, is that as I surf around the blogs of friends I find that they are up to far more interesting things then I am… Take Andy for example, I was reading the last few entries of his blog today and apparently he is working on a Minesweeper Thesis, how fun is that? The idea is to come up with the mathematical probabilities of winning at Minesweeper, he’s got a chart and everything.

I need an interesting project to work on…. Oh well…

6 a.m. and all’s … well iffy

Forgive me if I slip and use the word “today” I’ve been up all night trying to move all sites off all systems related to Metrotime Business Systems except for and moving them to Infinite, the server in San Jose. Why am I doing this? Well tod… er yesterday I lost my job. Continue reading “6 a.m. and all’s … well iffy”

Grand Theft of Cow

I was just watching TechLive, not really paying attention while I worked on trying to diagnose memory leaks on a server but something they said caught my ear. They were talking about Cattle Rangling (Stealing Cattle) and mentioned the new technology they are using to stop them. They mentioned that the culprit was caught and charged with several counts of “Grand Theft of Cow.” I just had to post that, it was such a wierd statement.

New Blog Client

I didn’t mention this yesterday but I am now using a new client for MT called Zempt to update this blog.

This is a great program, JMac pointed this program out to me saying it is what he favors using on windows. I must agree. Nothing against w.bloggar but it just didn’t support everything that zempt does.

In other news, I’ve gone through all my old blog entries and renamed all of the entries that had a title like “Personal Log – Stardate…”, first of all that’s dorky, and second of all I think titles should be understandable, I mean I may want to go back and find a blog entry one day, if I don’t name the entries with logical names that may become difficult. I’ve also done some changes to the categories for future category logging.

A Gaggle of Gifts

Note – May 2006 – This is the third blog entry I have found in my editing of my blog that has been edited by my ex-girlfriend trying to remove the header of the message.  This post used to be a lovely reminder of the high point of my relationship with her, which despite the horrible endings and how vindictive and mean she became after the relationship ended, I still would like to remember the good times.  Plus this post was written on a day when I was very sick and about to lose my job and yet it was a message of a day that was actually kind of nice.
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Well I was looking at JM’s Blog and I determined that I really should update my blog more often. I was also thinking about something that had happened to me this week and thought that perhaps if I had been writing down my thoughts, they might not have boiled to the point they did this week.

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