2.5 to 3 years after leaving college….

I’ve finally been to my first frat party. Thursday, Mr. E called to tell me had had a pair of paying sound jobs for me to do on Saturday if I was interested. I said I was. Friday night he e-mailed me that the second event was canceled but that the first event was still going on and I could make extra money there by staying through the whole thing instead of leaving early as I was going to have to do to do the other job. The first job ended up being the annual BYX Island Party at TCU. Continue reading “2.5 to 3 years after leaving college….”

Server woes

Well I previously posted today a number of things that were wrong with the week, now I’ve got some more. It turns out the hosting provider, fastservers.net, that hosts the server I’m sharing with some other companies, is nearly doubling their prices effective next month. So now we’ve got to get a new server set up somewhere else, transfer all the files, and then close down the old one because otherwise we are going to have downtime. In addition I am being sent a server from another company to get a second server set up and I haven’t the foggiest idea where I’m going to send this server that will be cost effective hosting for it. Also, one of my plug-ins (GeoSketch) for this blog seems to be malfunctioning because I had a nifty animated map that zoomed into Broken Bow, Oklahoma in my last post that for whatever reason will simply not display, it displays the code instead, so I’m not sure what’s up with that, I removed the map from the entry from now after trying 3 times to get the map to show to no avail…. It’s just not my week, heck it’s not my month, my season, or my year.

The Week from Hell

You know the expression “It can’t possibly get worse?” You know how whenever anyone says that it almost invariably… DOES get worse? It’s been like that for me lately. Any of you who happen to read my blog probably consider me a pessimist with my relatively bleak outlook on life I’ve had the past several months. You may be right, my depression, which is again in full swing, probably forces me to focus on the negative aspects of life and ignore the good. This past week and a half however, I’ve been consciously trying to find the good, I have yet to find it.

Last Week was, as most people here in the USA know, tax day, April 15th. I received my W2 from Metrotime Business Systems on April 14th, no, I didn’t say January, I said April, as in one day before the taxes were due. And as much as I had wished the W2 would alter my taxes slightly for the better (I had come up with a balance of owing $254 without that 1 W2), hoping that the fact that I claimed 0 deductions on the W4 to get that W2 would cause Metrotime to withhold too much money which would counteract the fact that also during this year I worked (again for Metrotime) under a 1099-MISC. It didn’t, in fact, it made things worse, I now owed $306 on my federal taxes, I know that’s not that much of a difference, but I didn’t have $254 to begin with, $306 was killer. I had a check come in from a job but I didn’t get the check UNTIL April 15th, and then too late in the day to deposit it in time, so I borrowed $100 from my father to make sure I had enough money in my account to pay my taxes. Continue reading “The Week from Hell”

Dead Phone

Last night my phone was acting up worse then ever before. Every time would attempt to dial it would hangup, and when the battery died, it would simply refuse to charge, I plugged it in for hours, it never charged. At about 2:30 I tried to open the phone to try it once again and I heard a snap sound, I saw a piece fly up and the phone fell in half, it’s horrible. Continue reading “Dead Phone”