Well I’m changing blog systems to BLOG:CMS because Movable Type has gone commercial. I chose BLOG:CMS because it was based on Nucleus (which was open source (aka, non commercial) and has a nifty little importer feature where I can import all my blog entries from MovableType and thus.. not lose anything. BLOG:CMS was nice as well because it had a number of built in skins and templates and plugins, so without waiting for JMac to figure out how to port my beautiful old blog template over to a new one, I can at least have a somewhat functional skin right off the bat. There are also a number of nifty addins that BLOG:CMS has by default that would be difficult in MovableType.

In the expanded version of this post you will see the shameless plug by the authors of BLOG:CMS for the software as well as a feature list.Thank you 🙂

BLOG:CMS XE contains advanced skins, 45 pre-configured plugins, fully compatible with table prefix, advanced CSS files, and much more. It generates XHTML 1.0 STRICT valid code.

Plugins included in BLOG:CMS v3.0 XE:

  • NP_BlogWithOffset – display blog per page.
  • NP_Calendar – calendar with links to days you’ve posted.
  • NP_Chat – minichat / shoutbox plugin.
  • NP_CommentControl – comment control against trolls and spammers.
  • NP_CommentEditLink – edit all comments directly from your blog.
  • NP_CommentPreview – preview comments before being posted.
  • NP_CSS – CSS Style Switcher.
  • NP_EditControls – htmlArea – WYSIWYG editor for Nucleus CMS.
  • NP_FancierURL – URLs like /item/this-is-a-title instead of /?itemid=123.
  • NP_FancyText – phpBB like formatting, threaded discussion for comments, smilies.
  • NP_GZip – GZip your website to save bandtwith.
  • NP_LatestComments – shows last 5 comments made.
  • NP_LatestDisc – shows last 5 discussions in 5 different articles.
  • NP_LatestItems – shows last 5 articles posted.
  • NP_Log – simple log for your blog.
  • NP_MailToAFriend – email an article.
  • NP_MostKarma – shows posts with most karma points.
  • NP_MostPopular – shows most commented posts.
  • NP_MostViewed – shows most viewed posts.
  • NP_Newsfeed – blogroll, works for your own blog too!
  • NP_OffsetArticles – links to next/previous 10 articles, titles, latest commets.
  • NP_OffsetEntriesLink – jump to next/previous set of articles.
  • NP_PageLinkList – go to page 1,2,3, etc.
  • NP_PDF – export article to PDF.
  • NP_Poll – run polls with multiple questions.
  • NP_Print – print your article.
  • NP_Random – display a random quote.
  • NP_Referrer – track who is linking to your website.
  • NP_Related – show local and google search results, related to your article.
  • NP_RSSBlog – RSS feed of last 20 comments made.
  • NP_RSSItem – RSS feed of current item.
  • NP_SearchHighlight – highhlight search results for users that came from google.com and like.
  • NP_Table – create tables, lists, header files online.
  • NP_TrackBack – trackback for your articles.
  • NP_Viewed – article views counter.
  • NP_Weather – shows weather forecast for next 3 days + current weather.
  • NP_WIE – who is online plugin.
  • NP_WordCount – count words in your article.
  • NP_XMLTools – RSS feed of complete articles, or only extracts.

Nick Moline

Nick is a Senior Software Engineer at Justia.com, a company that makes legal information freely available online. Besides his work, Nick is an avid enthusiast in areas of Technology, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Musical Theater, and everything Disney.

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