Following my Restless night's sleep I had a rather busy day. I received calls for support from the SWDCMA, from ERCC, and from FTMC. FTMC I handled over the phone, SWDCMA I started to handle remotely, but in the process of trying to fix their problem I had to upgrade the firmware on their router, which of course resulted in resetting the router's settings to factory conditions. So I had to bum a ride from one of David's friends to get over to the SWDCMA office and set the router back up. (more…)



I had a hard time sleeping last night. A Storm was raging all night long and when I wasn't being woken up by the extremely loud thunder and hard rain, I was being woken up by horrible nightmares (more…)



No, I didn’t come up with that title, my girlfriend told me about where there is an interesting political cartoon is currently being shown to anyone who wants to click it. In case they change their homepage, the link I just posted should go straight to the video, but Read more…


Pop goes the….

I was driving to the district office today to do a small job and also help out Angela get her pictures uploaded when I suddenly heard a strange scraping noise. It took me less then a second to realize I either have got a flat tire and am riding the rim, or something has broken off the bottom of the car and is scraping on the ground. (more…)


VPNs and old bosses

Today I went over to the District Office to again attempt to troubleshoot the problems with their ability to log into the network through a VPN tunnel. Not seing anything wrong with teh server or the setup in the router I did the only thing logical, I printed off the page listing all the ports they had open on the router and reset the router to factory conditions. I then proceeded to set up the router again from scratch. (more…)


Busily Updating

I am working hard on trying to upgrade this blog to a newer version of the Blog:CMS software, unfortunately this is proving to be more difficult then I would have hoped, as all the skins seem to have been messed up royally. (more…)


My Situation compared to a year ago

I was browsing through my archive, reading from back in the days that I updated this blog often and I found an entry a little over a year ago (July 12th, 2003) where I took a Personality Disorder test and posted my results. The end of the results had a link to take the test so I thought it would be interesting if I took the test again to see how I grade a year later. Inside you can find results with their comparison's to last year. (more…)


Bloggie BDay

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the day I started my blog last year, happy Birthday blog! Also, 5 days ago was the 1 year anniversary of the day I started writing my first story, Miles Apart over on Some of you know that I am currently working Read more…


Camping on the Rocks

Actually what this refers to is that last week I went with the Junior High youth group of my church to their first annual Junior High camp (called Rock Camp 2004 cause the name of the Junior High youth group is Rock). I had the wondrous joy of driving a van full of young teenagers and preteens all the way to Oklahoma and back. (more…)