My Situation compared to a year ago

I was browsing through my archive, reading from back in the days that I updated this blog often and I found an entry a little over a year ago (July 12th, 2003) where I took a Personality Disorder test and posted my results. The end of the results had a link to take the test so I thought it would be interesting if I took the test again to see how I grade a year later. Inside you can find results with their comparison’s to last year.

Disorder Rating Change
July 2004 July 2003
Paranoid: Moderate Low -1
Schizoid: High Low -2
Schizotypal: Moderate Moderate 0
Antisocial: Low Low 0
Borderline: Moderate Moderate 0
Histrionic: Moderate Moderate 0
Narcissistic: Low Low 0
Avoidant: Very High Very High 0
Dependent: High High 0
Obsessive-Compulsive: High High 0
— Personality Disorder Test – Take It! — -3

Rather then copy/paste the code from their site, I reformatted it so that it is easier to understand the change from last year to this year, the first column shows the disorder name, the second column shows my score after taking the test this time, the third column shows my score last time, and the final column shows the change based on this scale from best to worst:

Low > Moderate > High > Very High
4   3   2   1

Taking the change, so that a change from Low to Moderate is a change of -1 cause it moved down the scale 1, while a change from Moderate to Low would be +1 cause it would move up the scale one. Unfortunately, there were no upward movements and 2 downward movements (one of them by 2 points), in other words… According to this test, the condition of my mind has degraded over the last year.

I’m not sure how accurate this little quiz is, in fact, I’m fairly certain it is inaccurate, but it’s a depressing result nontheless.

Basically what this says is that in addition to my previous problems, I am now Paranoid and Schizoid as well, oh well, one day if I ever get out of my financial mess I may be able to afford to make a Shrink very happy, very happy that he has someone as messed up as I am that is.