I had a hard time sleeping last night. A Storm was raging all night long and when I wasn’t being woken up by the extremely loud thunder and hard rain, I was being woken up by horrible nightmares

I dreamed I was being dangled above the water. I wasn’t hung in a noose or anything like that but my feet were dangling below me, I was in some sort of harness around my waist. Below me an Aligator (or Crocodile no idea really, can’t remember how to tell them apart) was leaping out of the water and snapping at my legs trying to eat me. I was kicking the aligator trying to stop it, but it was just a matter of time. I was woken when a bite hit home and the beast chomped down on my legs.

Because of this I had a rather poor night’s sleep and ended up sleeping in when it finally stopped, I think I finally settled down to a stable sleep about 9:30 and woke again at 1.

Categories: Stress

Nick Moline

Nick is a Senior Software Engineer at Justia.com, a company that makes legal information freely available online. Besides his work, Nick is an avid enthusiast in areas of Technology, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Musical Theater, and everything Disney.

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