How do you measure its worth

no, I’m not going to sing a christmas song…

Earlier today JMac asked me if I played with the Blogshares fantasy stock game involving blogs as the “companies” that one is trading for. I had never been there before, but it sounded interesting so I setup a user there. I was surprised to find out that my blog was already listed on and that someone has already purchased 4000 shares in it. Further more there are so far 2 changes in stock value of Cap’s Log, in April it was worth $32.08 a share and in May it was worth $43.58, so that’s cool. I’m sure there are much more popular blogs out there but, it’s cool that I’m listed.

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Archive Tweaks

Ok, now that I’m using the application/xhtml+xml mime type instead of text/html, using a real browser shows you where you have improperly formatted W3C incompliant code on your pages. So I’ve gone through each and every blog entry and fixed the errors in my old badly formatted xhtml. I’ve also (while I was editing them) gone through the trouble of unlocking all the entries that had locked themselves in the transition from MT to BLOG:CMS. This means that all entries can now be karma voted, and all entries can now be commented on.

Also tonight I upgraded Lori’s blog to the same updated version of the software that I’m using.

My Birthday

Well today was my birthday, I spent the vast majority of my day listening to Microsoft spokespeople telling me how great Microsoft is… But hey, it was a TS2 event so I get a free copy of Microsoft Office for giving them my time, and the seminars were quite enlightening. I learned several details about Windows Server 2003 which will help me with a couple of my consulting customers who use that platform.

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He’s gone!

David left yesterday to go to Washington (via Canada since all the flights to Seattle and Portland were all overbooked). His flight was delayed, delayed, and delayed again, so that though his original flight was supposed to leave at 4:30, his flight finally took off at 8:05 and arrived Vancover time at almost 11. I got a call well after I went to sleep (3:57 a.m.) from JMac telling me that he had picked up David alright and that they were back in washington.

So I have the house to myself during the weekdays now, the silence is nice.