Well, I’ve registered to return to school next semester, inside you will find my class schedule for the Spring Semester as it stands, I may decide to edit this, but for now this is accurate.

Course Name and Title Status Meeting Information Creds Start Date
1 HIST-1301-40734 (0032172) United States History to 1876 New ESEE 1224 LE1 TTH 05:30PM 06:50PM E. Faculty 3.00 01/18/05
2 DRAM-1351-40192 (0038027) Acting I New ESED 2318 LE1 TTH 10:00AM 11:20AM
TBA TBA LA1 TTH 11:30AM 12:50PM K. Durapau
3.00 01/18/05
3 PHIL-1304-41256 (0037843) Great Religions of The World New ESEE 1117 LE1 TTH 07:00PM 08:20PM E. Faculty 3.00 01/18/05
4 SPCH-1315-41694 (0038177) Public Speaking New ESEE 1119 LE1 TTH 01:00PM 02:20PM T. Blivens 3.00 01/18/05

This accounts for a total of 12 semester hours, which gives me full time status, thus allowing me to get back on mom’s flight benefits.

You may also notice that every class is Tuesday/Thursday, this gives me Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to do consulting if I have any consulting jobs to do. Also, since I’ll have flight benefits again, this gives me the ability to travel more flexibly, as it will give me a 4 day weekend every weekend, Friday through Monday as far as school commitments are concerned, so I can do weekend trips.

Nick Moline

Nick is a Senior Software Engineer at Justia.com, a company that makes legal information freely available online. Besides his work, Nick is an avid enthusiast in areas of Technology, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Musical Theater, and everything Disney.

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