That’s right, I said it, and so far I’m the only one who has. Google has announced that extensions are coming to Google Chrome but have been mum on when. However I saw something today, that indicates the timetable may be short. Google officially opened up registration for Google I/O 2009, their third annual (first one was just called Google Developer Day) Developer’s Conference.

Google Chrome Extensions Session at Google I/O 2009

Google Chrome Extensions Session at Google I/O 2009

Like last year, it will take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Along with the open pre-registration, they’ve also posted a list of Sessions (subject to change). High up on the list is a session entitled “Developing extensions for Google Chrome” which contains the following description:

Learn how Google Chrome makes it easy to write extensions using the web technologies you already know. This talk will cover the basics of the extension system (distribution/packaging, installation, updates), as well as the different APIs to enhance with the browser.

I’d say this is a safe bet that if Extensions are not released BEFORE Google I/O, then they will be released as a new feature AT Google I/O. Extensions are coming, but what about Mac Support?

UPDATE FROM GOOGLE I/O: While the session went through as planned, it turns out my theory was wrong, they simply aren’t available to announce support for extensions yet, although it is coming soon, and they are really well implemented in beta.

UPDATE 2 (June 3rd): The Session video is now up on youtube, I’ve embedded it below:

Nick Moline

Nick is a Senior Software Engineer at, a company that makes legal information freely available online. Besides his work, Nick is an avid enthusiast in areas of Technology, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Musical Theater, and everything Disney.

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  • Any “semi-official” word yet on whether or not Chrome will support Firefox extensions? I’d love to be able to have the Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures add-on available for Chrome users without having to do major conversions.

    • I don’t know if they are going to support them directly, I would guess probably not. Firefox runs on the Gecko rendering engine and the Trace Monkey Javascript Engine, while Chrome uses the Webkit rendering engine and the V8 javascript engine, so I doubt it will be plug and play, however back in December, Google Announced a list of Firefox Extensions that they wanted to support, so I know they want to target the same developer audience. My guess is their extensions would work similar to the way Firefox Extensions work, but that’s purely speculation.

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  • Awesome! I was about to say now you can have your own Wikipedia entry but I forgot its print only no matter how popular the source is on the web. Wikipedia’s standards for “notability” are kinda stupid Just look at this article.

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  • Jan Persson

    Google Chrome will have extensions by May, but Firefox has extensions now…

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    • ChromeMan makes a good counter point in his blog response to my post, I’ve posted my counter-argument as a comment on his blog, check it out.

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  • I like Chrome and appreciate how fast it is. However, without extensions AND Mac support I will not make it my primary browser. So far, I use the “Application Shortcuts” to access a few WEB 2.0 applications with it – and that’s the extent of my use. Once they support Mac and extensions, I can see myself reconsidering.

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  • I use Chrome Heavily when in Windows, I am interested in extensions. I just hope the Extensions do not slow the speed down. Speed is the only reason to Choose Chrome over firefox.

    • It seems obvious to me that some extensions (At least) will in fact slow down Chrome, but like Firefox, installing extensions is your choice, so yes some will slow it down (most in fact) but sometimes the usefulness of a particular extension outweighs the speed degradation, for example, Firebug is an extension I use so much that I keep it on, even though it is well known to slow down almost any web page as long as it is on. It is just too useful to let go of.

  • Adrian Adanjo

    Google chrome es un gran navegador, lo evaluo día tras día con mis clientes y quedan satisfecho.
    La plataforma sobre la que se basa es muy solida y la compatibidad con microsoft es sorprendente.
    Los felicito y sigo apostando a google for ever. Tengo la camiseta puesta desde Argentina.

    Adrian Adanjo

  • Adrian Adanjo

    Saludos honorables para google

    Adrián Adanjo
    Especialista en Informática

  • Athena

    I don’t like chrome for it can’t enlarge text of websites, I have to use Mother’s Magnifier to do it.

  • XC Fan

    Ok, you may not have been exactly right, but really, it’s June 7 and the Dev version has minimal extension support! Kudos!