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Over a year ago, I migrated from WordPress over to Drupal.  I did this so that I could experiment with Drupal more, thinking I could make a more robust site if I did so.  Unfortunately, while Drupal is a fantastic, flexible platform for web development, it is simply not efficient as a blogging tool.

Drupal was so cumbersome to use as a blogging tool that I ended up stopping blogging altogether.  So for the first time in years of migrating this blog around and around, I’m reverting it back to a previous home on wordpress.

In the last year wordpress has come a long way, with lots of great new features that makes blogging even simpler then it was before.

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I revisit my blog after a busy May, 2011 including going to Google I/O 2011 and what do I see as the last post on my blog, a short stinger post about Google I/O 2010. This simply won’t do.

I’ve written other blog posts in the last year, they just haven’t been on my own blog. I’ve written a number of blog posts in the last year on Justia’s Law, Technology and Legal Marketing Blog. I’m well past due however writing blog posts for myself. I will make an effort to pick back up on this as it’s something I’ve always enjoyed.

I’ll begin with some general updates. Two blog posts ago (March, 2010) I was blogging about making a difficult decision regarding looking into adopting a child. While we did look into pursuing that angle, sadly the mother of the child in question changed her mind and decided to keep the child herself. We haven’t given up hope of having a child someday (hopefully not too far in the distant future) but sadly God has other plans for us right now it seems.