FitbitSeveral months ago I got a Fitbit tracker as a prize for a contest.  While I generally dislike exercise (as much as I know I should), I love gadgets, and this thing is as geeky as a pedometer can get (note, the @fitbit folks are very adamant that this is not a pedometer, but it accomplishes the same goals).

I find myself constantly looking at it to see how many steps I’ve made during the day and checking the flower to see if it is healthy or wilted.

My favorite feature is the activity mode.  When I do actual exercise and I hit the treadmill, I can switch it to activity mode and get down to the minute statistics of how well I did.  I love this tracker and highly recommend it for people who want to track their daily activity.

Here are some stats from tonight’s walk on the treadmill:

Treadmill Walk Statistics

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