The Time Keeping Cycle

As I sit here today checking the time on my Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch, I'm amused by a concept I'm calling "The Time Keeping Cycle."  When I was in high school college I wore watches all of the time (usually a Casio calculator watch, yes I was "that guy"), and pretty much everyone I knew wore wrist watches at the time as well.  They were simple and useful. I've always been one to prefer function over form and even back then I longed for a watch that did more than just tell time.  That said though at some point in the early 2000s I stopped wearing watches (and so did most people).  The few people who still wear watches tend to wear them more as a fashion statement rather than as a utility device to tell time. Why did everyone stop wearing watches?  Because pretty much everyone started carrying a cell phone around with them wherever they went, and in addition to keeping you in contact with the world around you, cell phones could also tell you the time (and be used as a calculator).  Now over the last couple of years, companies have been trying to get people back into wearing watches again with smart watches.  Thanks to Android Wear, they've finally convinced me. It is interesting though that timepieces have moved from inside the pocket, to the wrist, back into the pocket, and now back to the wrist again.  For the enjoyment of anyone who cares, I'm including a brief history of the watch, ending with my personal history with watches after the break. (more…)