The Biggest Decision of our Lives

Last Sunday I posted the following message on my facebook:

The Biggest Decision of our Lives

Naturally, many of my family and friends are curious just what this “huge decision” is. After consulting with both of our families, and some other trusted advisors, we have made our decision, and I can now share what the decision was about with you.

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Lupus Awareness Month – October

Throughout the year there are a number of “Awareness Months” for various diseases and disorders, and while I sympathize with people with these disorders, and have a tendency to donate to their various goals, most awareness months have little personal effect on me. October however is different, in that I have a personal reason to support Lupus Awareness Month

I have not posted here in my blog about this before, but most of you who know me personally are aware that my Wife has battled with the horrible auto-immune disease known as Lupus. When she was 12, it nearly killed her, and I would never have known the woman who is the Love of my Life.

M-OLupus is an auto-immune disease, which in layman’s terms is like the opposite of AIDS, instead of having no immune system, people like my wife have an over-active immune system. Their immune system is so vigilant in it’s destruction of things that it determines is a “foreign contaminant”, that it gets confused, and starts attacking tissues in the body as well. The end result is that the white blood cells literally destroy the body from the inside out.

There is no cure for Lupus, and it kills, and funds for research are desperately needed in the search for a cure. So please, check out The Lupus Foundation of America or the Alliance for Lupus Research and learn how you can make a difference in the research of this deadly disease.

If you want to know more about Lupus, I recommend you check out the Living with Lupus Blog, written by my wife, Barbara Moline, or visit or

2006 – A Nick Oddity

Every New Years Eve I find myself counting down the seconds until the next year hoping in my heart that the next year is better then the last. This year however I found New Years Eve very odd, because I cannot possibly imagine 2007 being as amazing as 2006 was, and I don’t even want 2007 to be better then 2006, I just want it to be more of the same.

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A Wedding

The Bride and Groom in Black and WhiteMost of you know by now know that I was married on July 2nd, 2006 in a small ceremony in my home. For those of you who do not know this… I was married on July 2nd, 2006 in a small ceremony in my home. The question that a lot of you seem to have though is, why haven’t I posted anything about this wedding yet. The truth is I have. Barbara and I setup a special separate blog for the wedding which can be found at

As many of you also know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here on this blog, mostly because I’ve been busy with work, and getting ready for this wedding. Then after the wedding there was the honeymoon (a wonderful week in Vegas), followed by a week and a half of hard work. So I apologize for the long time it’s taken to get this post about the happiest day of my life up. For more information about the wedding and honeymoon, visit to read the blog entries posted by both Barbara and myself. Yesterday I uploaded the pictures of the wedding to my photo gallery. Click the picture of Barbara and I to the left to see the full photo album.

A Funeral (and almost another)

This is a retroactive post, in May, I had a horrific experience where I almost died from a combination ailment and car accident. While working late at the Want a Better Website offices, I started experiencing great pain, I believe now that I was passing a kidney stone. I decided at 4:30 a.m. that I should drive home. While driving, I had a car accident, as another symptom of the ailment (a sudden need to vomit without warning) caused me to swerve, hitting the curb and destroying both left tires of the car, not to mention bending the front struts in the impact with the ground. I was hurt, but not more badly then my gut was already feeling.

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A Wedding

Friday the 5th of May was a very busy day. It began by driving my girlfriend to the airport so she could go home. She had to take a very early flight in order to make it home because later flights were filling up fast. I then went from the airport directly to work where I worked a long and full day. From the office I had to drive home as quickly as possible because I had to throw my stuff into my bag to go with the family back to the airport to fly to Illinois so that we could drive up to Wisconsin on Saturday to attend my sister’s wedding.

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The Vacation

Note added May 2006 – I once had a nice intro passage here, but as this trip was to see my then Girlfriend, and we have had a parting of the ways since it seems that she got into my site and edited the intro paragraph at some point since the breakup.  I can’t remember what was once here so I won’t even try to rewrite it, just know that what is enclosed in this blog entry was the story of the trip I took to Tennessee to visit her and to try and get a job so I could move closer to her.  In hindsight, I’m rather glad I didn’t get that job actually.
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Microsoft, ACTD, and cell phones

I spent Tuesday at a Regal Cinemas in Fort Worth where I was attending 2 Microsoft Seminars. The first one was TouchPoint and the second was TS2. TouchPoint’s purpose was for small business owners and workers to find out what MS Office 2003 and Windows Small Business Server 2003 can do for them. TS2 was for IT Professionals and was far more interesting. They showed how these advanced functions actually worked, as well as explain to me how my business can make money selling and servicing Microsoft Products.

In the TouchPoint event I won a door prize of a pen that the bottom half of the pen is one of those “space pens” that supposedly writes upside down and underwater and all that, and the top of the pen unscrews to reveal a USB Pen-drive. Coupled with all the nifty Microsoft parting gifts I was given on the way out of each event it was a pretty nice day.

I have officially resigned from ACTD last night, I’m going to miss the game but I really feel I need to get my professional life back together before I can think about things like playing games on-line. The past couple months ACTD has only added stress to my already stress-filled life, and ACTD is a game, it’s supposed to be a stress buster not a stress multiplier. Hopefully I can come back to the game soon, after I get some other aspects of my life back on track

My Imzadi still hasn’t received her Phone, but I figured it would come either Wednesday or Thursday so it should be arriving tomor… er today, wow it’s 1:30 in the morning, I better get some sleep I have a lot of work to do today. Goodnight.


Note in May 2006 – Once again I find an article that has been edited by my ex, I am not sure what was in the beginning of this article before, but I’m sure it was an article about my trip to Arkansas with the SWD to a Team Leadership Conference.  It was a very nice article about what the conference was about, communicating.  I am quite annoyed to find it removed.
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A Gaggle of Gifts

Note – May 2006 – This is the third blog entry I have found in my editing of my blog that has been edited by my ex-girlfriend trying to remove the header of the message.  This post used to be a lovely reminder of the high point of my relationship with her, which despite the horrible endings and how vindictive and mean she became after the relationship ended, I still would like to remember the good times.  Plus this post was written on a day when I was very sick and about to lose my job and yet it was a message of a day that was actually kind of nice.
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