TiVo making a come back? Watch out Apple TV.

I personally have never owned a TiVo box, primarily because I knew there were a number of DVRs on the market that did not require a monthly subscription and I didn’t see the benefit to paying $12/month for something I thought I could get for a one time fee.

TiVo and Amazon have signed a deal recently that actually made me think twice about this policy however. As most people know, Amazon unveiled their Amazon Unbox program earlier this year to not much applause. After all iTunes has had video downloads for a while now, and it just didn’t seem to make sense to buy movies from Amazon when I already had iTunes. Add to that the fact that Amazon Unbox does not work on a mac as their video drm is PC Only and I didn’t give Amazon a second thought when it came to purchasing single episodes of TV shows or directly downloading movies. Similar to the reasons I previously mentioned why I didn’t give TiVo a second thought, why would I get something that would require it’s own monthly service when I could buy a cable box with DVR built in, or better yet, build a MythTV (though that requires lots of effort and is buggy).

But then TiVo and Amazon signed a deal that I believe is mutually smart for both companies. Amazon Unbox now can be linked with your TiVo account, which means that as you are browsing the web from anywhere, (even away from home) you can purchase a movie or episode on Amazon, or even Rent a movie (something you can’t do on iTunes) and then when you come home (or turn on your TV if you already were home) you’ll find that in your Now Playing List on your TiVo, the episode or movie is already there, ready for you to watch on your TV or (in our case) Projector.

I decided to take the plunge and find out. I purchased a TiVo and linked my TiVo account with my Amazon account, and now I’ve learned what I’ve been missing with Both services.
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It’s the Simple Things

I’m constantly being told I’m far too negative, that I focus too much on all the bad things in my life and not enough on the pleasures in life.

It’s 5:35 in the morning and I haven’t slept. In 4 hours I’m going to have to be at school ready to perform my first graded scene in Acting I class, then I will have to perform my first speech (Historical) in Public Speaking Class, then I will have to go straight to rehearsal where I’m expected to be off book, and then I will have 2 grueling classes of non-stop notetaking that will take me until 9 p.m., and of course, this is coming off of 2 weeks of some of the biggest pains in my entire life, passing a kidney stone, my favorite TV show being cancelled without any possible replacement for the first time in 18 years, and of course having my laptop being stolen. Yet in spite of all of this, I’m in a surprisingly good mood right now.

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Grand Theft of Cow

I was just watching TechLive, not really paying attention while I worked on trying to diagnose memory leaks on a server but something they said caught my ear. They were talking about Cattle Rangling (Stealing Cattle) and mentioned the new technology they are using to stop them. They mentioned that the culprit was caught and charged with several counts of “Grand Theft of Cow.” I just had to post that, it was such a wierd statement.

Tired and writing

It’s been a very long day, yet i’m still up, I couldn’t sleep so I wrote another chapter of my fanfic, up to 13 chapters now (14 if you include the prologue) and is very close to being done, course I really thought I’d be done at chapter 10, but I just kinda kept going, I think there will only be one more chapter but I’m not sure, I may extend it.Today was an overall nice day, I got a fun task to do next week, I got some work done, I watched the season pramier of Enterprise and best of all, I got permission from my mom to visit D next weekend. Well not much to say about today, I’ll write a review of The Xindi soon and get it up at the SubspaceLink, ttfn!

Damp Sheets and late night writing

oh look 5 a.m., I had washed my sheets last night and then I forgot to put them in the dryer so at 3:30 when I realized I wanted to go to bed, I didn’t have any sheets, so I put them in the dryer and then chatted online for a while and then wrote another chapter of my fanfic (Miles Apart), I had meant this chapter 12 to be my last, but I was writing and it ended up longer then any of my prefious chapters and I wasn’t ready to end yet, so I ended it at a logical place and will write a chapter 13, not sure if that will wrap it up either, but it might.

Anyway it’s been a week since I last posted, I’ve had a crummy workweek, a really crummy one.

Monday I went in and my boss was being a complete **** about the webhosting server, first we’re condensing 2 servers to 1 even though he said he’d get the 2nd and did not, then he comes up with this “I want you to turn off the spam and virus filters because I don’t like it that one of my messages got caught by mistake and you had access to get it back” and I was like “would you rather the message gotten lost forever?” but is all up on some privacy kick so I removed the virus and spam filters, but because of the way they were set up it was all or nothing, I couldn’t just remove it from his account, I had to remove it from ALL accounts so now I get a rediculous amount of spam. Then he’s also had this box he’s wanted me to work on that I always had a hunch was going to be a lot of work for no pay and he had wanted me to just get paid from what he charges the client, I ended up working on that box ALL WEEK LONG and still to no avail, the box is still not ready, it’s driving me nuts!

It has been the work week from hell, and yet my online friends are telling me I need to work more hours, I can’t stand working too many hours with him, he questions every single hour I put on my timecard, he gives me rediculous tasks, and he thinks he’s doing me a favor in all of it! I can’t stand it anymore.

What’s worse is this is my only avenue to vent this stuff and I have this fear that he is going to see this blog oneday and get pissed at me and I’ll have burned a bridge without wanting to.

Anyway it’s been the whole week from hell except for Wednesday and Friday, Wednesday work was murder but when I got home me and Dad went online (after watching an Enterprise double feature which I enjoyed cause it was like the first time I’ve sat down and watched an episode of trek with him where he seemed to be enjoying it) and specced out my new laptop computer at dell.com and ordered it so it should be coming next week, of course after doing all that I picked up the newspaper on Thursday and there was an announcement “Effective today, Dell is dropping their prices on most of their merchandise!” which included their line of laptops but that’s ok, I’m still getting a nice laptop at a decent price and I’ll be able to work more efficiently, instead of waiting till the middle of the night to use my dad’s computer like I am now.

Today (Friday, not the 5 hours between midnight and now) was fun, I went to Frys to purchase some parts to upgrade a server for my friend JMac, and then my entire family went to Medieval Times to celebrate my little brother’s 18th birthday which was today.

Medieval Times was a blast, David was “knighted” and got a souvanier photo, the meal was great (and where else can you pay high prices and then eat messily with your hands on dented metal plates), and the entertainment was an absolute blast. We were in the front row of the Yellow section and had an excellent view of the stadium. I highly recommend you go to one of these places if you ever get the opportunity, it is an absolute blast

So I may write more later but now I’m exhausted as it is now 5:30 a.m. and I’ve been up all night, so good night all.

Boredom, Insane ACTD Characters, and a Personality Disorder test

This w.bloggar thingy is pretty cool, nice to be able to work on the blog without signing into the site first and stuff, not to mention it makes it like writing an e-mail, all yall that do this kind of stuff should give it a try.

Ug today was absolutely boring, I normally watch a few Disney Channel shows on Saturdays but they are doing a Kim Possible Marathon and I don’t really care about Kim Possible, someone kill me now!

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